Transport Expert

Need to optimize Daily Fleet Operations ??

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TransportExpert™ is a powerful transport management software solution that will help optimize your daily fleet management operations. Using advanced scheduling algorithms with an unlimited user defined rules, you will be able to automate fleet scheduling tasks and utilise your fleet to the maximum.

Need to Optimize Daily Fleet Operations ??


Proactive Customer Service

Integrated with our e-POD module or with location tracking providers, our transport management software will allow real-time visibility of the fleet. You will be able to communicate accurate ETAs and proactively deal with “expected late” & “late” events to gain competitive advantage with much better customer service. ....


Billing carrierrates and Driver Bonuses

TransportExpert™ will delivery immediate savings in “back office” operations by automatic invoice generation, carrier rates management, driver’s fees and bonuses calculations. Billing agreements are extremely flexible and easy to set up! ....


SaaS (Online) or On Premises

Offerring of SaaS (Online) no-Capex deployment option with no-setup, straightforward per truck monthly licensing fees. It is perfectly fitted for SME market segment, allowing budget and time conscious companies to achieve operational benefits and financial savings in the shortest possible time with typical projects going live in 2-3 weeks! ....

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Order consolidation, Route optimisation for single or multiple stops, Carrier rate management, EDI links with carriers, Internet based shipment tracking, Integrated POD and claims management, Carrier selection based on cost, service including performance factor, Vehicle capacity defined by cube, weight, pallets, units or calculated load factor ....

Minimising empty runs will generate immediate savings to your operations. Transport & driver planned availability are clearly presented to perform real-time job assignment.

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