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Need an Advanced 3PL Logistics Solution ??

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Made4Net SCExpert™ Suite has been engineered from the ground up to provide a solution that specifically addresses many discrete processes in the Supply Chain including ordering, transportation, storing, picking, packing, value-added services, shipping, delivery movement, tracking and management of inventory and documents.

Need an Advanced 3PL Logistics System ??


Extensible Data Model and Business Logic

Allowing an easy implementation of varying inventory and document models, and for multiple models to coexist within the same implementation ....


Feature Rich User Experience

Enabling users to easily configure their owns Views, Searches, Reports, Charts, Visual alerts and gauges as well as the ability to configure a custom organizational portal that can use any internal or external application component.....


Bidirectional Open Interface

A Service based, configurable transaction definition set allows for: Easy integration to third party applications - Pre-defined templates for the more popular systems such SAP R/3, Oracle, SAP Business One, Syspro, QuickBooks and others are available.....


Distributed Execution

Messaging and Service based execution of application transactions and services means an easy way to configure transaction flow, a flexible implementation on varying network topologies, and substantial salability. Unified Implementation – All of Made4net's supply chain management applications and the Netlog toolset are built on the same platform, meaning that all the capabilities described above are automatically and consistently available throughout the entire suite.

Combining state of the art supply chain management technology with a deep understanding of the issues and needs of businesses that depend on well managed and optimized logistical processes, Commtex enables Manufacturing and Logistics companies to manage different array of processes, business flows and business restrictions – Retailers vs. wholesalers vs. logistics service providers etc.

The solution manages a range of materials having completely different inventory representations, handling and inventory management rules – Foods vs. Apparel vs. Electronics etc.

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