Startup Solutions

Consulting Services

For Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods and
           and Manufacturing Companies
       Need to enter a country market (India, Middle East) with your products (pharmaceutical, consumer products, ...),
       Acquire Joint Venture Partners,,
        Setup Internet based Control and Marketing Systems
        Contact Commtex's Advisory Consulting Services.

Commtex Startup Solution Advisory team helps new Startup companies in Technology Enablement, Setup and getting all the Government Benefits for Startups including enrolling to various Government Initiatives for a new Startup.

Consulting Services

For Technology, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, Education manufacturing Companies

Company Formation

Commtex Startup advisory team brings its strong network of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, GST Regulatory Consultants, IT Consultants in setting up the Company. ....


Startup Benefits

Commtex Startup Advisory Team helps company to enroll the company in various initiatives proposed by the Government to get maximum savings in Taxes, ....


Partnership Programs Enrollment

Partnering with Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, AWS - Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, AWS have come out with specific Partnering programs giving substantial advantage to Startups. Commtex Startup Advisory Team shall enable Software and Digital Companies to enroll the same in the Partnership ....

Need to setup a new technology, pharmaceutical, consumer products, ...),
Company, Acquire Joint Venture Partners,,
Contact Commtex's Startup Advisory Consulting Services.

Startup Kit

Office Automation – Commtex has specially built a Startup Kit for Startups with its Platform of Products for successful launching of the company within a very short time. ....

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