Solutions for Healthtech Enterprises

Consulting Services

For Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Drug Discovery companyies
Need Automated Healthcare Solutions - Get PowerHealth, PowerMedical

Commtex Healthtech Solution helps Healthcare Companies in automating their Healthcare Business with integrated Patient Care, Diagnostics ansd Backoffice and Front Office Operations. Commtex provides series of Solution integrated with various other solutions as required. Solutions are available for Hospitals, Clinical Research Organizations, Clinics, Doctors, Chemists and Drug Discovery Companies.

Patient Care Solutions

For Global Healthcare, Lifesciences Companies

PowerHealth Platform

PowerHealth Platform includes Salesforce for Healthcare and Lifesciences – Patient Management, Clinic Administration ....integrated with PowerBooks ERP, PowerBooks CRM and Powerforce Solution.


PowerDiscovery Platform

PowerDiscovery Platform includes Integrated Solutions Platform for finding new Chemical Entities for Unmet Needs from India's Natural Products History. PowerDiscovery Platform Drug Discovery Management System integrated with Clinical Trial Management Solutions, Dossier Management, Ayusoft Database, Drug Discovery Libraries ....


Power Hospital Platform

Power Hospital Platform includes Hospital Management Solution integrated with Diagnostics and keeping track of all Patients Data, periodic appointments. The system provides alerts and notificatioons and is integrated with PowerBooks ERP and PowerBooks CRM.....

Need automated Healthcare solutions, Get PowerMedical, PowerHealth.

PowerMedical Platform

PowerMedical Platform includes Medical Management solution integrated with PoRemote Consulting using advanced tools provided by Microsoft / Google and Zoom. ....

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