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For Fintech, Healthtech and Mediatech Enterprises
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Need Predictive Modelling

For Fintech, Healthtech, Mediatech Enteprises

IT Plan : Commtex's IT Consulting Services shall devise a five year IT Plan,set an IT Governance framework and list critical and optional business requirements in a form of RFP for selection of suitable centralized core ....


Generic solutions: would encompass Financial Information System, Human Resources System, PayRoll, Administration, and also advanced technology oriented solutions viz. Enterprise-wide Office Automation Solutions, Customer Relationship Management,....


Industry solutions: would encompass solutions for Bank's (Core Banking ...), Asset Management Companies (Compliance...),....

        Need to have a Long Term Technology
       Roadmap, IT Plan, IT Governance Framework,
        Build and Evaluate RFP's for Enterprise-wide
        Integrated Centralized Core Systems,

IT Governance:The IT Consulting team also devises a controlling system in lines with the COBIT Governance framework for Planning and Organization, Acquisition and Implementation, Delivery and Support and Monitoring ....

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