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Helpdesk Services

For Bank's, NBFC's, IT, ECommerce and Digital Media Companies
Need to outsource Helpdesk Operation ?
        Contact Commtex's Remote Helpdesk Services.

Commtex's Helpdesk Support Services team along with its partners gives Total Helpdesk operations for the company to all English speaking countries. Commtex provides desktop support, security support and f the different brands. This consists of a website, a webshop and ERP functionalities. Using the solution, Commtex and the organization is able publish an Expression of Interest with information on products to potential Joint Venture Partners and record all correspondence in its private database.

Consulting Services

For Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods and
            manufacturing Companies

Remote Desktop Support

Commtex's Helpdesk Support team is strongly conversant with desktops - Windows, Linux and shall login into the desktop using Teamviewer, AnyDesk and is knowledgeable in Microsoft, Linux products and shall ensure the desktops work as per user needs, performance requirements, thereby reducing the risk of communications and failure.....


Remote Software Installation

Required licensed and free Software products can be installed on the Desktop as per user request. Commtex Team is strongly conversant with installation of Software Products - MS Office, Visual Studio,... SQL Server .... Oracle and others and ensures 100% availability and no downtime for the user. ....


Remote Virus Removal

Commtex Team ensures desktops free from Viruses and ensures clean desktop in case of an unknown virus.....

       Need to enter a country market (India, Middle East) with your products (pharmaceutical, consumer products, ...),
       Acquire Joint Venture Partners,,
        Setup Internet based Control and Marketing Systems
        Contact Commtex's Advisory Consulting Services.

24 x 7 Support

Commtex Helpdesk Team is providing Helpdesk facilities in English, Hindi and a host of Languages as required by users. The team provides communication in the language of user choice. The team is conversant in English and is extending its support to other European Languages. ....

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