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Need to have a Long Term Technology Roadmap, IT Plan, IT Governance Framework, Build and Evaluate RFP's for Enterprise-wide Integrated Centralized Core Systems, Contact Commtex's IT Consulting Services.

Commtex's IT Consulting Services shall devise a five year IT Plan, set an IT Governance framework and list critical and optional business requirements in a form of RFP for selection of suitable centralized core IT products for a organization. The plan and interfaces shall align with the Business Strategy devised by the organization.
IT Plan - Commtex's IT Consulting Services shall list state-of-the-art software products in the market for both Generic and Industry Specific areas analyzing the business and services benefits.

The Generic solutions would encompass Financial Information System, Human Resources System, PayRoll, Administration, and also advanced technology oriented solutions viz. Enterprise-wide Office Automation Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise-wide Data warehouse and others. This may lead to selection of appropriate products and screening of vendors providing these solutions.

The Industry solutions would encompass solutions for Bank's (Core Banking ...), Asset Management Companies (Compliance...), Stock Broker Firms (Trading, ...), Asset Recovery Companies (NPA, ...), Manufacturing Companies (Configuration Management...)..... - refer solutions.
IT Governance - The IT Consulting team also devises a controlling system in lines with the COBIT Governance framework for Planning and Organization, Acquisition and Implementation, Delivery and Support and Monitoring of software products and systems.

Business decisions can be taken whether to opt for outsourcing or using service delivery organizations for some of the new services the organization proposes to have. The plan shall list these solutions with ballpark cost estimates and appropriate timelines of implementation based on business priorities. Once the draft plan is finalised, the organization has a solid roadmap to enhance its services, grow and reap business benefits from IT.

All Strategic IT Consultants are familiar with IT Governance and State-of-the-art IT Products available today.