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Offshore Delivery Center

Need offshore services, have a separate delivery center for the company and manage it remotely, Contact Commtex's Offshore Delivery Group.
Commtex's Offshore Delivery Group studies the customer need and build an offshore delivery center in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or any special economic zones in India, operates it for giving full benefits to the customer. The customer's have an option of getting the center transferred completely once the center is matured.
Offshore centers are connected by high powered leased lines to customer's offices and Commtex can build a range of IT solutions and services with a large pool of people of niche skills available in India. The customer gets the benefit of cost effectiveness of off-shore resources without losing control of projects. Further, Time zone, language, culture, etc. matches the customer enabling high responsive service to customer's internal and external clients.

The Offshore Center is a completely separate Business Unit and is equipped with excellant infrastructure
  • Located in Special Economic Zones reserved by Government of India for Software Exports, office space is available.
  • Sleek Interiors and comfortable cubicles for team members, meeting rooms, conference rooms and rooms for managers and top management.
  • Special security ensuring only requisite staff to enter the office premises.
  • Latest servers, workstations, telephones for all team members equipped with Microsoft Office 2013 software, email, systems connected over a LAN with Internet Connections.
  • Live Video Conferencing are offerred over IP capabilities.

    Commtex ensures complete automation of all internal systems for the offshore center enabling customer to collaborate with offshore teams effectively. This includes implementation of Commtex's Enterprise Office Automation Suite, Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Server, Live Communication Server and MS Project Server for collaborating with customers onsite. The databases, documents, software shall available in a centralized repository for customer's to have a complete view of the same. Systems for E-Learning, Knowledge Management ... shall be available for the Offshore team.

    The Offshore Center operations starts with defining of systems to be maintained and developed with required SLA's. Once, the operations start, Commtex's Offshore Delivery Group provides strategic quality IT Services, Project/Product Development Services, Maintenance Services, Independant Testing Services and if required, 24x7 helpdesk. Further,

  • We ensure strict adherence to SLA's, regular team meetings and status reporting.
  • We adopt client’s process for management of distributed teams.
  • Commtex interviews and technically evaluates candidates based on customer's requirements. Then customer can interview from this select group to ensure the individual fits your team.
  • We provide a proven process for management of team members who are not located in close physical proximity.
  • We train consultants on any specialized productivity software.
  • We follow, company's processes wherever required and applicable.

    For details, contact Commtex's Offshore Delivery Group.