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Commtex Solutions
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Commtex Solutions

Commtex Solutions (Commtex) is state-of-the-art information technology consulting, services and products organization founded for empowering individuals and corporate gain, maximum business benefits and seamless operating advantage in the information technology age.

Commtex is a global consulting company providing superior consultancy and reliable networking and business solutions through emphasizing Integrity, Respect, Service, Value, and Partnership. Commtex’s global solutions are a key contributor to client’s ability to create business agility and flexibility, increase its business and build and maintain networks of client’s customers.

Working interdependently with the client team, our professional information technology consulting services group identifies solutions within the business context, defines specific goals for the project, prioritizes requirements, develops the solution and implements it with project success metrics in the SLA’s set. We pursue close, strong, client relationships to ensure delivery of quality solutions.

Commtex maintains a repository and network of professional knowledge workers and continuously interfaces with research endeavors on new technologies, processes and business practices. Our extensive business and professional network continually fuels our knowledge base and access to industry best practices.

Business Overview
Corporate Overview

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